Thursday, February 20, 2020

Marketing Communication in Morocco PowerPoint Presentation

Marketing Communication in Morocco - PowerPoint Presentation Example As such, this report is about advertising in Morocco and the marketing communications tools and techniques used in this particular country. The report starts by explaining the meaning of marketing communication in order to gain a full understanding of the whole concept. This will be followed by an outline of advertising in this country as well as anevaluation of the structure of advertising with regards to laws that exist in this nation. The last part of the report will outline the recommendations that can be implemented in order to improve the situation regarding marketing communications within Morocco. Theoretical framework of marketing communication In order to gain a full understanding of the concept of marketing communication, it is imperative to begin by explaining what marketing communications is all about with regards to advertising and how it influences the customers to buy certain products. Basically, marketing communications can be defined as, â€Å"the process of presenting an integrated set of stimuli to a market target with the aim of raising a desired set of responses within the market target and setting up channels to receive, interpret and act on messages. from the market to modify present company messages and identify new communications opportunities,† (Lancaster & Reynolds, 149). The company can influence the customers to buy its products given that it can assume the role of both sender and receiver of messages that are related to different market factors. These messages are specifically tailored to appeal to the interests of as many customers as possible in a bid to enhance the company’s viability in its operations. Therefore, it can be seen that marketing communication is one major element that influences the consumers to buy certain products offered through responding to messages disseminated to them about various products offered by different organisations. Marketing communica

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Military Salary Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Military Salary - Research Paper Example One of their duties is to respond positively to orders whenever they are called upon. Members take oath of protecting the country from both internal and external attacks. Many are times when militants travel outside the country to help in peace keeping in such countries. During their encounter with their enemies who are also armed, some may be injured or killed (Salkind, 2009). According to Sorenson and Wood (2005), militants should be ready for work always. Sometimes they are called upon during late hours of the night or on weekends when they should be resting. Patrolling late at night puts them at risk of attacks by enemies or gangsters. Sometimes they are forced by the nature of their job to spent long periods away from their family members. Militants may be sent to work in areas where climatic conditions are not favorable for their health. For instance, tsetse fly and mosquito infested areas or areas were getting the necessities, as water is a problem. They are likely to contract diseases from such areas. Based on the risks that military officers are prone to, the salary they are paid cannot cater for the risks and commitments involved during their work. The proposal aims at identifying the reasons as to why the salary received by military officers however large they may be cannot adequately cover the risks and commitments involved in serving their countries (Nasu, 2009). ... Some like weapons like bombasts and grenades cause deaths of large numbers of people depending on their weight. Militants are of no exception during such periods. Making use of the above weapons causes death of many militants. Injuries that may lead to disabilities may also occur. This study aims at understanding why the amount paid to military officers is not enough to cater for the risks and commitments involved during their service because they are at risk of death. The study is important because the salary of the military officer will never benefit them if they happen to be victims of death during wars. Why get huge salaries and put your life at risk is a question of major concern. Research Rationale The purpose of carrying out the study is to determine why salaries that military officers earn are not sufficient to cater for the risks involved and commitments during their service to their countries. In order to determine the role of study, qualitative methods of data collection w ill be used. These include focus group discussion in which military officers will be selected randomly then discussion about the topic is conducted. The other method is interviewing individual military officers to get their views. Finally, the research can gather information through direct observation of military officers as they carry out their operations. The above methods of data collection will help the researcher gather adequate information. This study is related to demographic issues and work force in the country as deaths among military officers reduces workers and population in the country. The payment given to militants is not enough to cater for their risks and commitments because the chances of