Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Police Case Scenarios Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Police Case Scenarios - Essay Example Taking the case where the two police officers were on a patrol on high – crime area, the officers were in a position and had the right to arrest the passenger. First was to make the rights to known to the passenger by telling them that they had the right to keep quiet, and secondly elaborate to the passenger why he or she was to remain silent. The reason to this was because any word could be used against the suspect who was the passenger in a court of law. After conducting the arrest, the officers were to explain to the suspect of the importance of having an attorney. The state would appoint one for the suspect to represent him or her in the jury or court of law in case the suspect could not afford an attorney. The fact that the woman leaning on the window was walking away was enough sign that whatever activity that was going on in and outside the car might not be legal. When the police officers got closer to the car, the passenger acted suspiciously and began to fidget and shove the hand downwards. There was suspicion bearing in mind that the woman leaning at the window had walked away. The police officers were right to present the passenger’s motion to suppress the seized evidence as evidence to the court. At arrival, the passenger shoved down the hands. Although there is circumstantial evidence, it will still be relied upon because of the nature in which the officers took the evidence. The series of events that occurred from the beginning make it circumstantial combined with physical evidence because cocaine was in the car. The officers made a judgment quickly to tell the suspect to put the hands where they are visible. The judgment was after the suspect shoved the hands downwards and complied only after the police officer drew his gun and gave the command. The police officer who made the arrest formed the correct opinion because it was a possible fact that maybe the suspect was reaching out for a gun, and the hands were

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