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Elements of Monster-in-Law Essay

I am a big fan of Romantic Comedy movies and to be honest it has been a while since I’ve had time to actually sit down, relax and enjoy of a great movie. When you have two young children and a husband that is not into these types of movies it make it that much difficult. The last time I was able to take time for myself and fully enjoy a movie I like was about 2 weeks ago and I chose to watch one of my favorite movies, Monster-in-Law, with Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda. A lot of people can familiarize themselves with this movie, as I am sure that they have had a mother-in-law that has driven them up the wall. In this essay I will point out the elements of the movie and tell you how my personal life can some what relate to this movie as well. To me this movie is interesting as it represents how some girls get treated once they meet their future husbands mother. I know that there are a lot of women that have had an aaltercation or two with their mother-in-law and that is why this movie was one that many can relate to. The character of Charlie, played by Jennifer Lopez, was very good as it transmits the frustration of a women in love that has to deal with the attacks and malice of her future mother-in-law. To me this movie has credibility, as it expands external observable truths with in the film (Boggs and Petrie, 2008, pg. 42). Most of the events that happen in this movie can be seen in our everyday life. There are many mother-in-laws that do not approve of their child relationship and for that reason they do things that are not seen normal. This movie is really about how a mother needs to respect and accept their Childs’ decisions when it comes to whom they choose to marry. In this movie Viola who is afraid of loosing her son, Kevin Fields, determines to scare off her son’s new fiance, Charlie, by becoming the world’s worst mother-in-law. Little did she know that Charlie would fight back and not let Viola ruin the thought of her marrying the man she loves. The tricks they play on each other are what make the movie entertaining. Charlie knew that Viola was not a bad person in the inside, but her obsession with her son would not let Viola budge towards accepting their relationship. At the end it turns out that Viola seems to have her own monster-in-law, her deceased husbands mother, that treats Viola badly. Charlie sees the way Viola is being treated and realizes that’s how they will be years from now. Charlie decides that she will not have that happen and determines to call off the wedding, but Viola then comes to her senses and recognizes that she has become this person she hates and asks Charlie to proceed with the wedding as they come to an agreement that works out for both of them. The moral of the story is that in order to get respect one must give it. If you go against someone’s wishes you will end up pushing them farther away. In this case Viola did not want to loose her son but by her acting and doing the things she was doing was actually pushing her father away from him. To her Charlie was not enough for her son, but it turned out that Charlie was a wonderful girl in the inside who loved Kevin for who he was and not for the material things he had. One should not judge a book for it is cover and give the change to get to know the person before judging. I found this movie meaning to me personally because when I first started dating my now husband my mother-in-law was not a fond of me. Although she never played tricks on me, she would always make me feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed at his house. To her the perfect women for her son was his ex-girlfriend who she loved dearly and did not want to accept the fact that her son no longer wanted to be with her. I loved him so much that I did put up with her unkindness ways and did not give up on what we had at all. As Charlie, I knew that my mother-in-law had a tender heart but she was still holding on to a string in hopes of her son reconciling with his ex. As times passed by and she realized that was never going to happen she started softening up. One day I went over to his house and I had a long talk with her and ever since that talk she learned how to accept me for who I was. I think this is why I liked this movie so much it reminded me of how our relationship started. I do have to admit that some of the tricks Charlie played on Viola in the movie made me wish I had done to my mother-in-law when she was being spiteful. Just like the movie at the end everything worked out for us and I have now been married to my husband for 7 years and the relationship I have with her now is awesome. In conclusion, this movie had this movie might not have had great reviews but it was one of my favorites. I am sure that a lot of people can familiarize themselves with this movie, as many women out there just like me has a mother-in-law that has driven them up the wall at one point or another. The moral of the story shows the audience in order to get respect one must give it. This movie also signifies how a mother needs to respect and accept their Childs’ decisions when it comes to whom they choose to marry. As hard as it can be as parents we need to learn how to step back and let our children learn from their own mistakes, the person they’re with may or may not be the best candidate but we need to let them find out their own way. Overall, this movie was a good entertainment and in my case I was able to imagine for a moment that it was I living the life of Charlie. References Boggs, J. M. & Petrie D. W. (2008) The Art of Watching Films. New York. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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