Friday, October 18, 2019

Development Needs analysis (explanation and justification)(personal Essay

Development Needs analysis (explanation and justification)(personal develop) - Essay Example It is a self-reflective process of metacognition. The evaluation of one’s skills in strategic learning is a critical part of the school curricular program. It entails the student reflecting on the abilities, strengths and weakness in the tackling of the everyday work at school. Since historical times at the invention of the formal education system, teachers used academic performance as the driving tool to determine the excellence for the students. Conveniently, this provides a framework and a record of results that reflect on the student is thinking capabilities. However, this makes the students less equipped in handling day-to-day life situations. Time to time, oral presentation in class gives a reflection of the oratory skills of the students and can be harnessed and perfected for good public speaking skills. In addition, make-up, and personal tutorials help to build the culture of critical thinking as the student are engaged in the explanation of the answers. It offers a better platform for the students to assess their personal capabilities in their academics and general mindset. The teacher can capitalize on this by asking the student a one on one question to evaluate how well they answer the questions. My learning culture is very progressive putting into consideration the previous class evaluations. I am not blowing anything out of proportion and being a victim of the Lake Wobegon effect of thinking beyond my capabilitie s. Despite not putting the best of effort due to the co-curricular activities, I still manage to register excellent scores. It has culminated from the fact that I represent the school in much of the outdoor curricular activities. I have attended student-led conferences in which I presented an article before the teachers and the parents. It gave me opportunities to reflect finally on my oratory skills that I have been practicing over a period. I had a well-prepared portfolio prior to the conference day that assisted and guided me

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