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Fighting the Juarez Cartel - 648 Words

Fighting the Juarez Cartel Introduction: The War On Drugs has been an incredibly long, ineffective and costly initiative aimed at stemming the flow of illegal drugs into the United States with a specific focus on the well-worn trafficking paths snaking inward from south of the Mexican border. The failure of the War is perhaps best reflected in the incredible carnage and violence which continue to grip key border regions like Juarez. This territory, controlled by the notorious Juarez cartel, is the site of ongoing turf wars with rival drug peddlers, the Sinaloa Cartel, as well as with law enforcement and paramilitary groups of varying degrees of corruption. Lawmakers partnered in the United States and Mexico have been absolutely flummoxed over how to address the current state of affairs, which is in a decided state of intensification. Evidence suggests, however, that contrary to the strategy of heightened militancy taken on by both federal governments, the real path to better enforcement against the cartel is to disrupt the steady influx of guns and military-grade weaponry. Law Enforcement Strategies: Indeed, though the War on Drugs has persisted for decades to create a state of worsening chaos in Mexicos border regions, 2008 would mark a turning point. The declared militancy of then President Felix Calderon would lead to something of an arms race between police officials and cartels. Within this race, violence, intimidation and murder would also become key tactics forShow MoreRelatedMexican Cartels1044 Words   |  5 Pages Attention getter/ Bullets begin flying, armored soldiers and drug cartel members fight it out on the steets killing each other and the surrounding civilians that are innocently just watching as they are caught in the cross fire. Now you may wonder where is this happening..Irag? Afganistan? No Its actually just south of us its happening in Mexico. C. I know this because as crazy as it sounds one of my cousins is in a drug cartel and I’ve seen the bullet holes, the blown up buildings, the blown upRead MoreMexican-American Drug War1105 Words   |  5 PagesMexican drug-trafficking cartels are said to have been established in the 1980s by a man named Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, also known as â€Å"The Godfather†. With the help of Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo and Rafael Caro Quintero, Miguel started the Guadalajara Cartel, which is one of the first to have thrived from association with the Colombian cocaine trade. The two men who helped Miguel Gallardo establish the cartel were arrested, so Gallardo, the single leader of the cartel â€Å"was smart enough to privatizeRead MoreMexican Drug Cartel Analysis Essay1433 Words   |  6 Pagesorganizations. However, a close examination of Sinaloas evolution demonstrates the group is hardly the hallmark of civility. In fact, the history of Mexicos cartel wars over the past decade reveals that Guzman, his Sinaloa Federation and the various cartels with which they partner have been more territorially aggressive than any other Mexican cartel. Expansion and Escalation Sinaloa incursions upset the balance of power that Miguel Angel â€Å"El Padrino† Felix Gallardo established in the late 1980s whenRead MoreMurder Capital Of The World1794 Words   |  8 Pages2010 compared to only 300 murders in 2006. The statistics dubbed Ciudad Juarez as the murder capital of the world during these years. The ongoing war between the once dominant Juarez Cartel and the current reigning rival Sinaloa Cartel spurred the homicide rate in this crucial drug trafficking route. Recent speculations are that the Sinaloa Cartel led by Joaquin â€Å"El Chapo† Guzman Loera has surpassed the waning Juarez Cartel and taken control of Cd. Juarez’s territory (Shoichet). Just like both groupsRead MoreMovements Rising from Drug Cartels in Mexico1277 Words   |  5 Pagesbeen existed for many decades, but now it is expanding further due to the born of new drug trafficking organizations or cartels. The cartels fight against each other to win control or to open new trafficking routes into the United States, on their fights many innocent people die or disappear every day. Residents from some states tired of all the crimes committed by the cartels and sometimes the authorities; had decided to protect themselves by forming self- defense groups Also, other movement hasRead MoreThe Economics Behind Drug Trafficking and Cartels in Mexico: A Study of the Cartel’s Influence on Mexico and the Expansion to West Africa 3042 Words   |  13 Pagesin areas where drug cartels are present. The war against drug trafficking is an ever-present problem, and is seemingly always growing more violent as the cartel’s and gangs power. Drugs are obviously not a constructive product, and countries such as Mexico are suffering in terms of image, prosperity, safety and politics due to their abundance of drug related problems. Drugs have caused a staggering and horrific amount of deaths through violence between the rival drug cartels, as well as governmentalRead MoreOverivew of Mexicos Drug War1824 Words   |  8 Pagesrise of dozens of Mexican cartels, the Mexican government has constantly been fighting an ongoing war with these criminal organizations. The cartel organizations have a primary purpose of managing and controlling illegal drug trafficking operations in Central America and South America to the United States. Violence on a massive and brutal scale has emerged due to the nature of the illegal drug trade. Because the drug trade is vastly widespread, cartels are o ften fighting one another and competingRead MoreU.s. Department Of The Criminal Justice Field1691 Words   |  7 PagesEventually, I decided to do a map that will focus at a state level on the territories within Mexico that transnational criminal organizations have a dominant influence. According to the U.S. Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center, drug cartels can be define as â€Å"†¦large, highly sophisticated organizations composed of multiple [Drug Trafficking Organizations] DTOs and cells with specific assignments such as drug transportation, security/enforcement, or money laundering† (2010). Also, it isRead MoreThe Fight Against Drug Trafficking Essay1977 Words   |  8 Pagespast and present have taken to the military to try and eradicate the problem, but have been met with force. As a result of the cartel violence, the rising death toll has hit a staggering number. While the number itself is substantial, the manner used by these organizations to commit these acts of violence range from kidnappings, to decapitations and mass killings. Drug cartels have not stopped short of any means necessary to meet their goals and have even joined forces with once rival gangs to do soRead MoreThe High Cost of Drugs972 Words   |  4 Pages H eres a look at what I believe more people need to know about the Mexican Drug War and Cartel. The Mexican drug cartels have been like a disease spreading like a wild fire all over Mexico over the years. The Mexican government has been fighting a war with drug traffickers for a long time. Also, drug cartels have been fighting with each other for control of territories in Mexico. Over 60,000 people have been killed from 2006 to 2012, according to Human Rights Watch. Many people have been robbed

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