Sunday, March 8, 2020

Woman in Black essays

Woman in Black essays 1) What was the play about? (brief synopsis) Mr. Kipps, the protagonist, has engaged a professional actor to help him learn to act out and reveal his play onstage to his family and friends. By the second act, a shy, timid, and nervous Kipps transforms into the superior actor. At this point, the boundary between Kipps' recollection of the incident merges into the reality of the play the audience is viewing. The audience learns that Kipps, as a young lawyer, was assigned to look after the affairs of a deceased Mrs. Drablow. He travels to gloomy and mysteriously silent Crythin-Gifford. He attends Mrs. Drablow's funeral and sees a thin, pale, and sickly woman walking around the graveyard. His curiosity of this vision and the towns peoples extreme secrecy of Mrs. Drablow's history leads him to her house: Eel Marsh House. There are loud and painful noises heard coming from a locked room in what should be an otherwise empty house. He becomes extremely frightened and nervous, but eventually is able to enter into the secret room. The room appears as if someone has recently spent time there- a child. He soon finds out from a local that the boy whose room he had entered was the son of Mrs. Drablow's sister. The boy was taken away from her and she died a hateful and unforgiving person. Kipps finds out that the vision of this ghost has extreme repercussions to the person who sees it. His child and wife die in a freak accident. They are thrown off of a carriage and hit a tree. The baby dies immediately, whereas the wife dies a few weeks later. At this point, the play reconstructs itself to an end and we are brought back to the hired actor and Kipps complementing how the other performs. In Act I, Kipps had told the Actor that he had a surprise for him. The Actor is now immensely impressed with this "surprise." The Actor asks Kipps who the woman in black is and where Kipps found her. Kipps is shocked and...

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