Thursday, November 21, 2019

China is pursuing a policy of 'creeping assertiveness' in the south Essay

China is pursuing a policy of 'creeping assertiveness' in the south China Sea - Essay Example It is considered to be the only place that has the depth and expanse to baffle the Japanese and American navies’ ability to reel in the Chinese navy. In an interesting comparison of China’s maritime geography and that of imperial Germany, they argue (convincingly) that China holds an advantage (strategically) in naval competition and rivalry in the South China Sea (Bussert 2011, p.16). According to Antony (2010, p.24), the South China Sea has been identified as a weakness in the strategy of ‘peaceful rise’ that has been adopted by Beijing. The announcement by Zhou Enlai that the waters of the SCS were a ‘vital interest’, China has used its claims to the water body as a stern warning to other nations that its regional dominance could be more aggressive than is insinuated by Chinese leaders. What has been more surprising (and alarming) is the fact that it is clear Beijing has succeeded in splitting the diplomatic harmony and solidarity in ASEAN w ith regards to the issue. Other powers in Asia should take note because their reaction to this matter stands to play a significant strategic role in Indo-Pacific’s future landscape. ... Key words; Assertiveness, South China Sea, PLA Navy Introduction China is one of the most rapidly economically developing nations in the world with a Growth Domestic Product of 1.8 percent expansion in the first quarter of 2012 (Clarke 2010, p.34). Historically, China’s average quarterly GDP growth has risen from 2.15 percent to a record 2.20 percent (considered the highest in history). China’s economy is rated the second largest in the world after the economy of the United States of America. In the last three decades, China’s economy has varied to a great extent from a centrally planned system that was largely closed to the international business towards a more market oriented mode which has a rapidly growing sector. A major component that supports China’s economic growth been ascribed to its high exports. In the quest to promote more economic development as well as the social advancement within the republic of China, the government has taken measures dir ected towards territorial protection, control and expansion (Cordesman 2007, p.31). Discussion The Chinese government has shown aggression towards territorial expansion especially the South China Sea (SCS) leading to an intensive political concerns and creation of a negative effect on the relationship between China and other countries surrounding it (Klare 2001, p.42). The Chinese government has practically claimed the South China Sea by using modes that may lead to military confrontation between China and the ASEAS such as Philippines. This condition has resulted to unresolved conflict between China and especially the Philippines over time. The claims over the South China Sea by

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