Sunday, November 17, 2019

Popular Music, Television, and Film Stars Essay Example for Free

Popular Music, Television, and Film Stars Essay Everyone at all ages have grown up admiring and idealizing at least on celebrity, be that an actor, singer or any other famous person. What they do not ask while they are young is whether our idols are people we should be looking up to. Usually when people become older they realize that their role models at the time are not someone they would want their children idolizing now. They come to the conclusion that the person they looked up to wasn’t who they truly were, it was all an act. So should a celebrity be considered a true leader? That is worth debating. By using three characteristics of celebrities it will be known whether or not a celebrity has the potential to be a good leader. To begin, a celebrity can be known for many things, but a leader and great role model is not always one of them. One characteristic of a celebrity is being perfect. Is being perfect possible? No, but Paris Hilton is an example of someone who thinks they need to diet uncontrollably and get plastic surgery to make them seem perfect. This is not nearly close enough to be a true leader, because she is giving children the wrong idea; that it’s okay to be unhealthy and to bad things to your body just to look perfect so everyone likes them. The opposition may argue that it’s not always their fault. An example of this would be Demi Lavato. She suffered from bulimia and dieted because she didn’t like the way she looked. However they are wrong because although she couldn’t control her disease, there is no reason she should have hated herself in the beginning. We need to teach the children of this generation that it’s okay to look different. Not everyone needs to wear tons of makeup and be stick thin. A celebrity who can show all of these ideas is one who is truly a leader. Subsequently, everyone is selfish in their life for their own reasons, but should children look up to people who are selfish all the time? A successful celebrity gets money, fame, and anything they virtually want, but that is not a reason they should be selfish. An example of a selfish celebrity would be Kim Kardashion. Everything she does is related to how she can get more fame. Her tv show, her clothes line, her perfume, even her marriage was to give her more publicity. This is not what a leader would do. The opposition would argue that everyone is selfish so why can’t celebrities be who they are; however, they are wrong because although everyone is selfish it’s not as bad as celebrities and non-famous people aren’t the ones trying to get children and  fans to be just like them. Children need to learn that it is important to set aside time to help those who need more help than they do. John Cena is a great example of this. He is a famous wwe wrestler who gets paid a lot and has many fans, however, he takes the time to support the American Red Cross and goes to see children with diseases and cancer to try and make their day better. This is a great way to show how to be a leader. Lastly, something very common in the celebrity world is failed marriages. How are the newer generation’s children supposed to know that, although what t hey see on the tv and in magazines, they are really supposed to marry someone because they love them and want to be with them for the rest of their lives? â€Å"Till death do us part.† right? Wrong the tv, music, and famous world is showing that it’s okay if marriages don’t work out, that they can just find someone else or someone’s at that matter. These celebrities like Kim Kardashion and Kris Humphries were married for 10 months. The only reason they got married was because marrying a famous basketball player with lots of money would defiantly give Kim the publicity she wanted. The opposition may argue that it’s their life and there’s no reason they should be judged by their private life; however, they are wrong because when someone is brought into this industry, their private life is all everyone hears about. Just because they are famous doesn’t mean they can’t get married because of love. An example of a good couple that shows a leader quality would be Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. They are both country singers and have been married for 16 years with three children. Who said that marriage in showbiz had to end so soon? A leader isn’t someone willing to stage a fake marriage for a bigger fan base. Concisely, these days it is getting increasingly hard to tell the difference between a true leader and role model from a fake one. In the celebrity business there are three characteristics such as, perfection, selfishness, and fakeness that results in, are once role models turning into people who we look down upon. It is important to look at people for who they are as a person and what they can do for the people around them, rather than idolizing people for their fashion, money and fame.

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