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Essay on Business Management vs The CelestialsEssay Writing Service

Essay on Business Management vs The CelestialsEssay Writing Service Essay on Business Management vs The Celestials Essay on Business Management vs The CelestialsThe Celestials is the book that uncovers the complex employment relations in the US on the dawn of its rapid industrialization and profound transformations which allowed the US to become one of the leading economies in the world. The book depicts the strike of American employees dissatisfied with their position and conditions of work with Chinese employees arriving to replace them and, thus, to cause the failure of the strike. All these issues are very important for business management because today conflicts between employees and employers are frequent and employers have to resolve such complex, whereas the hiring of new employees is potentially a good option for the employer to resolve the employment conflict fast. However, today, business managers cannot act as simple as Sampson did in the book hiring Chinese. Nevertheless, issues raised by the book are still relevant and reveal the complexity of the employment relations in the US.Chin ese employees arrive to the US in search of a new, better life. In fact, they do not even speak English but their foreman. Nevertheless, they are ready to work hard, even if they receive next to nothing. Chinese employees become the perfect tool in hands of Sampson to suppress the strike of American employees, headed by Crispins, who attempt to force Sampson to create better conditions of work and provide employees with decent pay and workplace safety. Crispins personify the rebellious labor force since they struggle for their rights and they unite their efforts in the strike to oppose to the employer and to force the employer to meet their requirements (Friedman 146). At the same time, the example of Crispins turns out to be effective in terms of the rise of the labor and union movement. For instance, one of the leaders of Chinese employees, Ah Chung, actually becomes a Crispin-like striker because he is fully aware of the unjust and unfair policies to Chinese workers conducted by Sampson.In such a way, the book reveals the complex business management issues, especially when the conflict between employers and employees remains unresolved and leads to the open confrontation between them. The book uncovers possible ways business owners can choose to deal with the strike. In fact, they have a few options to choose from (Zaleska, Gratton, Bleackley 123). For instance, they may act just like Sampson did, when he referred to Chinese employees as strike breakers, who arrived to replace American employees and who were ready to work for next to nothing. Such strategy is efficient for the employer but destructive for the labor movement because it leads to the confrontation between employees rather than between employees and employers. At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the conflict originates because of the unwillingness of Simpson to offer employees basic employment benefits and create normal conditions of work. Instead, he preferred tr eating employees as mere commodities and to rip off maximum profits even at cost of the life of his employees.In such a situation, the arrival of Chinese employees was a salvation for him and his business which could be ruined, if the strike continued (Bell 182). Anyway, without Chinese employees, he would not have other options to force American employees to get back to work. Instead, he would have to negotiate and introduce changes which could meet demands of employees, at least partially.At the same time, the arrival of Chinese employees and their destructive impact on the strike raised not only the tension between employees but it also caused the raise of racism because white employees viewed Chinese as a threat to their position in the US labor market (Clarke 16). As Chinese workers took their positions, American employees grew angry and turned into racist in relation to Chinese employees. Therefore, the book also shows the rise of the racial tension which is very important not only in social terms but also in business management terms. To put it more precisely, the tension between Chinese and American employees raised the problem of their work together, although they could work in one company, for instance. Therefore, business managers should come prepared to interracial conflicts in the workplace environment.Another important business management problem raised by the book is the problem of the effective communication between managers of the company and Chinese employees. In fact, Chinese employees, who did not speak English, were perfect for the employer because they were ready to work hard for minimal wages. However, Chinese employees were a nightmare for the average manager, who had to communicate with them on the regular basis and manage their work and performance. Obviously, the language barriers were unsurpassable and it was only due to Charlie Sing, the English speaking foreman of Chinese employees, they could communicate somehow. However, in the contemporary business environment, for instance, such communication would hardly be effective.Thus, the book uncovers the complexity of employer-employee relations in the US and the rise of the labor movement.

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