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Henry VIII

After a little debate, Henry became the new Duke of Cornwall in October 502, and the new Prince od Wales and Earl of Chester In February 1503. Henry VII gave the boy few tasks. Young Henry was strictly supervised and did not appear In public. As a result, the young Henry would later ascend the throne â€Å"untrained in the exacting art of kingship†. Henry VII engeded his youner son with Artur's widow Henry VII died on 22 April 1509, and the young Henry succeeded him as king, adopting the regnal name of Henry VIII. He married Chaterlne of Aragon In June 11 1 509 and in June 24 they were crowned in Westminister Hall.Henriks first moves as a ew ruler were showing out that his government is different from the reign of his father. First he removed the removed the leading figures in the government of Henry VII. And then on the International plans started to take a dfferent policy of peaceful policy of his father. Henry thought of himself as warrior king. He entered into an alliance with some European countries against France, against which he was at war. He personally led expeditions against France defeating the at the Battle of the Spurs 1 513th, but the war Is finally concluded peace agreement 1514th year.He Involved England In the then European polltlcal trends and events as Important, If not decisive, factor. Wars, however, with its cost of production of a number of cannons new fortifications and created serious financial problems. Trying to 1525th introduce a â€Å"friendly support† for funding Henrik's foreign policy has led to the outbreak of disorder and gave up extra tax. As Reformation appeared on the continent Henrik turned his policy to the Pope so he enacted the The Defense of the Seven Sacraments 1521st , which contradicts ideas and theses of the reformist MartinLuther, which defend the foundations of Catholic teaching , and thats why Pope Leo X. Gave him the title of â€Å"Defender of the Faith† (Defensor fidel) Henry was a very ve rsatile person, interested in sports, also had good skill in music and poet. At his court ruled progressive and innovative spirit of the Renaissance, in science and art. Inspired by the discovery of the New World he order to draw up, for that time, the latest map of the world. His reign was characterized by a distinct legislative actlvlty which has left behind many laws such as the laws in wales act in 1536.England plugged in Wales, and the English language has become the only official in the province, despite the fact that most of the population speak Welsh. Among the laws which were passed during the reign of Henrik many were controversial such as the Buggery Act which was the first law against sodomy, Witchcraft Act which punished and prosecuted witches, and the His reign was characterized by a distinct legislative 1 OF3 England plugged in Wales, and the English language has become the only official in the province, despite the fact that most of the population speak Welsh.Among t he laws that were passed during the reign of Henrik many were controversial such as the Buggery Act which was the first law against sodomy, Witchcraft Act which punished and prosecuted witches, The first Act of Supremacy was a piece of legislation that granted King Henry VIII of England Royal Supremacy, which means that he was declared the supreme head of the Church of England. It is still the legal authority of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. and the Treasons act from the 1 534th in which the term is issued and extended into words not only on offense.This Act was passed after the Act of Supremacy 1 534, which made the king the â€Å"Only Head of the Church of England on Earth. † Marriages Henry's private life was often involves with state affairs and politics. His desire to have a male heir, and married life were intimately affected on current and future foreign and domestic policy of England, and the place of England in religion and relations with the head of the Catho lic Church Pope. Catherine of Aragon was pregnant with Henry seven times , but only survived child,was a daughter, Mary .Henry , however, desperately wanted a male heir , ecause he believed that only a son can provide continuity to the English throne . In the beginning, while he was married with Catherine had two mistresses , Mary Boleyn and Elizabeth Blount , but fell in love with Mary's sister, Anne Boleyn . When he realized that Katherine (later 1536. Died of cancer ) will no longer be able to have children , overcome by his desire to get a son , and the only way to legally get with Anne Boleyn was by divorcing from Catherine. So he tried to persuade Pope Clement VII . to annul his marriage to Catherine .At first hesitant , Pope 1529th under ressure from the Spanish king Charles V. refuses to meet Henry's request. Although still 1521st by Pope Leo X. received the title † Defender of the Faith † , Henrik decided to ignore papal rejection and January 25 1533rd The arbit rary Marries Anne Boleyn , setting prior to canterburyiJskog Archbishop Thomas Cranmer , who agreed to do a wedding. Papa was soon excommunicated Henry , and this in turn summoned the parliament in which passed the Law on the leadership (the Act of Supremacy in 1 534 . ) , According to which the head of state and church , called the Anglican , is king .After the break with Rome and the independence of the Anglican Church dissolved all monasteries and confiscated their property. Anna Boleyn was pregnant several times, but gave birth to Henry's daughter Elizabeth, instead of so much desired son. Therefore, it is soon due to Henry's favor, since he began to devote all his attention to Jane Seymour, and how he wanted to get a legitimate son had to get a divorce from Anne Boleyn. Thats whay in 1536. she was accused of witchcraft, adultery and incest with her brother, and was convicted and executed by beheading in the same year. o gave a birth to his son Edward 1537th and died twelve days after his birth. Henrik was deeply hurted because he felt of Jane as of his â€Å"only true woman† who gave him desperately desired son and heir. 1540th The Henry remarried, with sister of his ally in conflict with the Pope, the Duke of Cleves, Anne of Cleves. Although it is believed that Ana unattractive, he married her for pragmatic political reasons, but never had any kind of marital relationship and the marriage was annulled on the grounds as never consumed and Ana of Cleves was given the title of the King's sister.Earl of Essex, who arranged the marriage was convicted and executed by beheading. On July 28 . 1540, the same day when Earl of Essex was executed, Henry married Catherine Howard, cousin of Anne Boleyn. In the begining Henry was enthusiastic about her because of her youth (she was barely sixteen). But Catherine soon cheated Henry with a courtier, and the marriage was annulled, and Catherine was executed in February 1542nd at the age of eighteen. Henrik's last w ife was Catherine Parr, rich Protestants who married Henry in 1543. ar and who is responsible for reconciling Henry with his daughters, Mary. and Elizabeth, who earlier marriages canceling their mothers with Henry, were excluded from the succession and are therefore again become possible heir to the English throne. It is assumed, although never proven, that Henry suffered from syphilis, which probably led to his death in the castle Whitehall on January 28 1547. and was succeeded by his son Edward. His life and reign was described by William Shakespeare in his historical drama Henry VIII.

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