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Midterm Essay Question about Germany Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Midterm Question about Germany - Essay Example Strategy The Germany’s military strategy was to control Alsace region up to the mountain range, the Thionville and Metz in order to protect the borders and sovereignty of Germany. The military had also planned to control the Thionville and Metz during the war. The developing of the strategy of taking over the aforementioned lands helped Germans to win in the Franco-Prussian war in 1871 and contributed to the defeat of France and emergence of united German state. Economy According to Pohlsander (27), the military had interest in some states like the Alsace-Lorrain which had iron-ore and coal resources. With the help of these natural resources German leaders planned to develop the country’s economy. The main goal was military annexation since France had lost some land and inhabitants. It had also lost its mining and steel potential. The German Empire wanted to achieve growth of its economy and so the creation of a free independent nation-state able to wage war against its neighbors was a must at that time. Factors from European World that Contributed to Germany’s Development from 18 Century through 1871 Germany’s development was contributed to by different factors during that period; these included political and military factors, the factor of French culture and religious reforms among others. The Prussian State The German Prussian state played a major role in the development of Germany. Prussia was the biggest state and also most developed one which controlled Zollverein and most of the German states during that period. Zollverein was a union that was used to enable the states to compare their developments and statuses within the context of... The European world contributed majorly to the development of Germany. The victory in the war made the nation stronger as from 1871 the military forces continued becoming more powerful and grew in number as the French wanted revenge (Pohlsander 53). There was economic growth due to the unification of the states, which enabled them to trade and contributed to civilization growth. Despite the fact that a lot of citizens lost their lives either in war or due to epidemics like different diseases, Otto von Bismarck was able to defeat France in war. Germany established its own state which it is still among the most powerful nations in the world. We have learnt that the economic development from 1815-1871 contributed to Germany’s unification as only after the war with the economic boom Germany became the nation as it is today.

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