Saturday, August 10, 2019

Performance Evaluations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Performance Evaluations - Research Paper Example Center of discussion in this paper is performance evaluation as one of the crucial factors in enhancing the performance of an employee and in stimulating growth in the organization. However, the organizations that do not have a proper performance appraisal system may face difficulties in retaining and sustaining their workforce. It harms the organization as well as the well-being of the employees. Performance evaluation can be described as the process of providing feedback to the employees regarding the job efficiency as well as career guidance. It can be considered as a fair and balanced examination of the performance of an employee. Performance evaluation tends to structure the relationship with the employees of the organization thus providing legal protection to the companies. The morale and also the performance of the employees tend to improve with the help of the performance evaluation. It is because of good evaluation system the poor performers in the organizations can be ident ified and therefore various suggestions can be provided in order to improve the performance. One of the significant problems faced by the employees in the organizations is related to the performance evaluation. The workplace faces with myriad workplace problems with the employees in relation to time, money and loss of productivity. This tends to increase the overall cost to the organization. Therefore, it is significant for the organizations to prevent such problems from occurring from the very beginning. It is the performance evaluation of the staffs that assists in dealing with the complex problems related to the employees. By instilling good employee evaluation system in the organization and if used constantly with all the employees most of the problems can be prevented from cropping up in the near future. Despite the best efforts of the organizations, difficulties with the employees are bound to occur. It is during such circumstances, performance evaluation has a role to play to identify and thus deal with the complex problems. It also brings discipline at the workplace to a great extent (Delpo & Guerin, 2009). One of the challenges that the supervisors at the organizations face is the performance related problems. The supervisors who are into the profession for a longer period of time have mentioned that the performance evaluation is one of the toughest and most complex issues. However, it is worthy of mentioning that identification of the performances of the employees at the organizations is one of the main responsibilities of the supervisors. Failure to identify the poor performances at the organizations may have a negative impact upon the overall organization thus leading to lower productivity and morale of the staffs. The supervisors at the organizations need to be tactful at handling the poor performances of the employees in the organization by means of performance evaluation system. A few of the preventive measures can be taken in order to prevent s uch issues from happening. It is significant for the supervisors to communicate the set performance standards and what is expected from the employees clearly. If the employees are unaware of the expectations of the employers from them, they might not be motivated to work as per the expectations. It is not required to produce as written document

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