Tuesday, August 6, 2019

To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Example for Free

To Kill a Mockingbird Essay ‘Jem’s growing up now and you are too,’ She said to me. ‘we decided to have some feminine influence! ’ (I. ch. 13) In To Kill a Mockingbird, the protagonist is Atticus Finch, a father of two children named Jem and Jean Louis â€Å"Scout† Finch. His wife died when his children were very young. Atticus is quite an old, wise, white man. The book was set in the early 1930’s and it was very common for white men and women to be very racist towards others who aren’t the same race as them. But, Atticus was not like most of the white men and women. He was very kind to everyone not matter what their race was. It seemed as if he didn’t believe in racism. In the book, Atticus was a lawyer for a black man named, Tom Robinson, who was falsely accused of raping Mayella Ewell. He did everything he could to win that trial. But, deep down Atticus knew he would not win because Tom Robinson wasn’t a white man. After the trial ended, he still had to stay strong for his children even though he was worn out. Above all, Atticus was a widower and he was taking care of two growing children on his own. Although, he was a single father, he did raise his children correctly. He taught them not to be racist to others; he always knew exactly what to say. His children were growing up quickly and they needed a feminine figure in their life and that’s not something Atticus could on his own. That’s probably something Atticus will always struggle with. No matter what, children will always need a mother and a father in their life. Atticus was full of knowledge and whenever his children had a question, he would always answer perfectly. In chapter 28, Jem and Scout got attacked by Bob Ewell. Jem got knocked unconscious and Atticus stayed by his bedside until morning. I’m sure he didn’t even sleep. He’s willing to sacrifice his sleep for his children because that’s how good of a father he is. I’m sure he stayed there to make sure Jem wasn’t in pain or he wanted to be there right when Jem woke up. In conclusion, Atticus being a single father really will affect him and his children. Although, his children try not to show it, it is hard growing up without a mother. It just doesn’t balance correctly. Atticus taking care of his children by himself could affect his health at a great deal because he’s not so young, and taking of his children is very, very tiring.

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