Thursday, August 8, 2019

Plummer Vinson Syndrome Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Plummer Vinson Syndrome - Article Example This research tells that Plummer Vinson Syndrome is considered to be a risk factor for cancer formation. It is a progressive condition and if not intervened in time, it may lead to malignancy pertaining to upper gastrointestinal tract. Plummer Vinson Syndrome or PVS, also known as Paterson Brown-Kelly Syndrome, is a rare disease condition characterized by the classical trio of symptoms such as dysphagia i.e. difficulty in swallowing, iron deficiency anemia and esophageal web. It is also called as â€Å"sideropenic dysphagia†. PVS was more prevalent in initial decades of 20th century. Now, worldwide the incidences of this syndrome have been reduced drastically due to improved socio-economic and dietary conditions but in developing countries, the cases have still been reported. Distinct causative pathology of Plummer Vinson Syndrome is not yet confirmed. Some conditions are considered to be the possible predisposing factors. They are listed as malnutrition, iron deficiency anemi a, genetics and auto-immune diseases. PVS is predominantly seen in adults of middle age group but incidences are enormously higher in females. Incidence rate is 10 times higher in females living in under developed communities. â€Å"Plummer Vinson Syndrome† – this name was coined after series of cases reported by the two physicians of Mayo clinic. Plummer was the first person in 1912 to come across few patients having similar set of complaints such as dysphagia, prolonged anemia and narrowing of the esophagus. He could not confirm this clinical picture and thought them hysterical. Later on in 1919, Vinson published similar cases of â€Å"esophageal angulations† and available clinical data was confirmed.

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